Jiujin Machinery is an enterprise specializes in providing intelligent solutions for machining and assembly areas. With many years of technology accumulation of typical parts in this field and keep technology as the core to meet the needs of customers. Provides customers with the overall mechanical processing automatic production line via the fixture, Gantry robot, articulated robot, vision, detection and machine tool equipment. Realizes intelligent manufacturing in the factory by various automated transmission lines, storage, MES, and ERP software systems.
Jiujin machinery has his own R&D, production, assembly, testing and after-sales service team. Jiujin machinery manufactures products strictly according to standards from design, production, assembly, finished product inspection to after-sale service. Every product must pass strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of products.
Jiujin machinery will provide you with fully overall customized solution.
What we do is: for the creation of value. Create and witness the greater use value, human value, social value and economic value of commodities
professional service
Super responsibility
We provide professional services, from product positioning, machinery manufacturing, our strength is outstanding only because we work harder
We spend more time communicating with customers and focus more on the design and manufacture of each machine
We use high-quality technical services to ensure the safety of each customer's use, and solve every problem with more mature solutions
Jiujin Machinery Co., Ltd.
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